Baking for Billy was founded in honor of Billy Apostol after he tragically passed away after a 6 year battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. So who was Billy? Billy was a beloved son, loyal brother, generous uncle and a devoted fiancé. Billy was a proud owner and lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers. Billy loved movies like Batman, Hook and James Bond. He especially enjoyed Harry Potter and upon receiving his letter to Hogwarts, was aptly sorted into the Slytherin house. Billy also enjoyed reading books and listening to music. His favorite books were Where the Wild Things Are and House of Leaves. He often read the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Henry David Thoreau.  He was always excited to share a new song or a new poem with his fiancée, Jen. Video games were another passion of Billy's, in particular, Zelda.

Billy was a huge Disney fan. From the parks to the movies, he would become a kid again. He loved going to Disney World with his family and fianc
ée. He loved planning trips, especially where to eat. He made a list of every Disney restaurant with plans to one day eat at them all! His favorite rides were the Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion. Perhaps the most special place of all for Billy was Cinderella's Castle where he proposed to Jen. 

Billy had the best style. He always looked so effortlessly cool. He loved his Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and had every color and pattern imaginable. His hair was flawless, all the time. From his skinny jeans to his awesome collection of hats and sweaters, he always looked great.

Billy was inseparable with his dog Whitney. Whit Whit as Billy called her, was a surprise anniversary present for his fianc
ée. Billy loved all of his pets, but Whitney was different. They had a special connection. They were never more than a foot apart from each other. He even wrote a song for Whitney and sang it to her every day.


Billy was a truly special person who touched the lives of many. Billy had an especially strong relationship with his mother, who was by his side for every second of his battle with cancer. Billy cherished his family and always made an effort to be at every family event no matter how poorly he was feeling due to his illness or chemotherapy. He fought cancer with everything he had not so much for himself but for his family. His fight may be over but his family will continue fighting cancer in his name, one cake at a time. We love and miss you Billy and just like you, we will never give up.

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